CBG Biotech SLV-99U (L) Solvent Recycler (Untested)

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CBG Biotech SLV-99U (L)

Item Name: CBG Biotech SLV-99U (L) Solvent Recycler

Item Description: The CBG BIOTECH recycling process employs multi-component, fractional distillation with approximately 10 theoretical stages. The recycler is able to effect multiple boiling and condensation cycles to give product with high purity, and approximately 95% recovery, from the starting material. 

Recycled Solvent, waste alcohol and waste products are collected separately and automatically so that monitoring during the normal cycle is not required. Waste alcohol and paraffin are not purified in this process, may contain trace amount of solvent, and should be disposed of according to your facility's hazardous waste policy.

The recycler uses an automatic gravity fill system whereby the solvent to be reclaimed empties into the main tank. To prevent the tank overfill, a timer controlling the fill lines allow them to remain open for approximately 20 minutes. Typically 7-10 minutes are adequate to fill the tank. The recycler uses a dual batch method to obtain the 10 gallon throughput. The recycler completes 5 gallons at a time. The maximum capacity of the tank is 5 gallons.

Cosmetic Condition: Device has light cosmetic wear 

Functionality: We are unable to test this device due to not possessing the necessary solvents

Power supplies, cords, cables, batteries,
and other basic accessories
are NOT included unless stated otherwise.

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