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Product Functionality

  • Technician Notes: USED but in Very Good Condition

    MODEL: 86142B
    INPUT: 100/115/230/240VAC
                  250W MAX
    Range 0 to ± 200 mA (source or sink)
    Resolution Typical 50 µA steps
    Accuracy 2 % ± 50 µA
    Clamp voltage (nominal) ± 2.7 V
    Noise density at 1 kHz Typ < 4 nA/√Hz
    Stability within 30 minutes Typical < 100 ppm ± 500 nA
    Temperature drift Typical < (100 ppm ± 500 nA)/K

    Pulse mode:
    Pulse range 10 µs to 6.5 ms
    Pulse resolution 100 ns
    Duty cycle range Pulse width/1 s to 100 %
    86142B-002 white light source
    Wavelength 1 900 nm to 1700 nm
    Minimum output power spectral density 2 (9/125 µm fiber)
    900 to 1600 nm –67 dBm/nm (0.2 nW/nm)
    900 to 1600 nm Typical –64 dBm/nm (0.4 nW/nm)
    1600 to 1700 nm –70 dBm/nm (0.1 nW/nm)
    Minimum output power spectral density 3
    50/125 µm fiber Typical –50 dBm/nm (10 nW/nm)
    62.5/125 µm fiber Typical –46 dBm/nm (25 nW/nm)
    Output stability 2 Typical ± 0.02 dB over 10 minutes

    86142B-004 EELED sources
    Minimum spectral power density
    1250 to 1620 nm Typical > –60 dBm/nm (1 nW/nm)
    1300 to 1320 nm, 1540 to 1560 nm > –40 dBm/nm (100 nW/nm)
    Return loss with straight connector Typical > 25 dB
    Stability (Ambient temperature < ± 1 °C)
    Over 15 minutes Typical < ± 0.02 dB
    Over 6 hours Typical < ± 0.05 dB

  • Missing Components: ACCESSORIES / SENSORS
  • R2v3 Functionality:

    F3 - Key Functions Working  

    • A subset of the primary functions of the device that an ordinary user of the device expects to function are verified working through manual or software tests
    • Software may not be loaded or configured
    • Hardware required for key functions to be tested may have been removed after testing (e.g. hard drive)
    • May be missing components or parts not essential to key functions
    • Secondary functions may not be tested or working
    • May not include focus materials that are not working or not tested
    • All missing components or parts will be listed for each item

Cosmetic Description

  • Scuffs/Scratches/Marks: some scuffs and scratches
  • Other Notes:
  • R2v3 Cosmetics:

    C5 - Used Very Good  

    • Cosmetic blemishes include minor scratches and/or other surface imperfections from consistent use, but equipment is in good condition
    • Minor wear of labeling may be visible
    • Minor dents and areas of discoloration from the removal of tags
    • No missing parts
    Buyer accepts all responsibility for the electrical safety inspection, testing and calibration when applicable, of a purchased item. Medical and dental items must be inspected for safety by a biomedical technician before being placed into use. The buyer is responsible for ensuring the safety of the item for its intended use. If the item is to be used in conjunction with patient care and/or diagnosis, it is the responsibility of the buyer to get proper certifications or licenses for the use of the item."""

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